Monday, May 25, 2009

Le Père Fouettard

This picture made me smile when I saw faces of children. I wondered why they were crying at first, and then found a whip in old man’s hand. I am not sure what or who scared those children. Maybe the old man or photographer did. I think photographer captured the right moment he or she wants to express subject, an old man whom seemed poor and lived tough life in those days.There is postage with stamp which seemed only way to mail the picture as postcard at that time. Le Père Fouettard on the bottom is French for The whipping Father.


  1. Oh no! Is that building the woodshed? The photographer really caught the children's fear. The "whipping father" looks slightly insane. I wonder if the photographer was making a statement against corporal punishment.

  2. This is strange and even a little disturbing but it may have been set up with the intent of humor. Don't forget to use time, frame,etc.

  3. The photographer did an excellent job of capturing the emotion of the children. I wonder if this was taken near an orphanage.