Monday, June 8, 2009

Review Photography Exhibits #1

Photographers: Jaromir Funke and the Amateur Avant-Garde
Location: National Gallery of Art
Date: Jun 6, 2009

It was great to see photographs by Jaromir Funke and the other photographers represented in this exhibition. Variety of the size and all B&W gave me an inspiration to be able to see things I can not. There were some impressive photographs out of his remarkable works such as “Roofs in Mala Strana”, “Childlike Scene”, and “Untitled, from the series Time Persists 1930 – 1933”, which showed me an example of how to see things in different angle, and crate a totally different meaning by taking a picture of two unrelated structures, a statue trying to put a circle material on the top of the a tall chimney.

There are photographs by others.

- Titled “Poverty, 1933” by Vaclav Jiru

- Titled “Unrealized Book, St. Vitus in Photographs, 1945”
by Jiri Jenicek

There is similarity between this photo and “Untitled,
from the series Time Persists 1930 – 1933”
by Jaromir Funke

- Titled “From my Studio Window, 1946” by Josef Sudek

Blurred outside scene through inside window by rain

- Titled “St. Vitus Cathedral, 1928” by Josef Sudek

Sun light through Cathedral window made a fantastic
scene like some kind of inspiration or blessing from
the heaven


  1. It's funny how easy it is to conjure up the photos that you named having only seen them briefly the other day.

  2. wow seems like it was a great place to go and you had a great experience. I will have to check it out soon.